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EVENT: Book Talk at Volume One

217122_66628_767_10_2_15_nightmarket_19On December 12 at 7:00 P.M., Eau Claire true-crime author Robert M. Dudley will discuss the story behind his research and books about the Jacob Wetterling kidnapping investigation. Dudley will detail how long-forgotten information from the beginning of the case was resurrected and how it led to resolution of the most notorious crime in the history of the State of Minnesota.  The free admission event is hosted by Volume One located at 205 N Dewey Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703.

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MEDIA COVERAGE: Author Robert M. Dudley Lends Expertise to “Monster & Mentor”

Robert M. Dudley, author of Finding Jacob Wetterling, loaned his expertise to the Fox Television investigative report “Monster & Mentor.”  The report provides coverage of the man known to be one of the most notorious sex offenders in Minnesota, and the one who likely groomed the man who confessed to kidnapping, assaulting and murdering Jacob Wetterling.  Watch and read the story in its entirety here:

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Shopping Cart / Credit Card Payments Temporarily Down for Maintenance

Shopping cart maintenance on November 2:  The option to pay by credit card or PayPal is temporarily down for maintenance on the Exposit site.  Check/Money Order can be selected on the Exposit site.  For credit card orders, go to the McFarland website or call McFarland toll-free 800-253-2187 (Mon-Fri 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Eastern Standard Time) .


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McFarland Expands with New Imprint


McFarland Expands with New Imprint

JEFFERSON, North Carolina – November 1, 2016 – Scholarly publisher McFarland has announced the launch in November of Exposit Books, a new imprint combining serious nonfiction with a bookstore-first approach. Exposit’s initial offering is Finding Jacob Wetterling by Robert M. Dudley. The book covers in detail the 1989 kidnapping in St. Joseph, Minnesota, of 11-year-old Wetterling, the remarkable response from the community and local and state authorities, the 27-year investigation and its heartbreaking conclusion. The first full group of titles, set for a fall 2017 release, will likewise feature true crime topics.

“We’re releasing six titles the first season, and true crime authors Kevin M. Sullivan and Clayton Delery are both signed on and contributing books for the rollout,” said Executive Editor Lisa Camp. “We will be publishing a wide range of titles, eventually including books about entertainment, psychology, sex, health and history. Our plan is to bring Exposit to 24 to 30 books annually.”

Submissions from authors and literary agents are invited, and should be directed to Camp’s attention at  For more information about the imprint, go to


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