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ANNOUNCING: Sensational Murder Cases of the Early 20th Century

Mark Grossman’s collection of historical American true crime stories has landed in editing.  Grossman draws on court transcripts, newspaper coverage and other contemporary sources to chronicle murder cases that became media sensations of their day, making headlines across the country in the decades before radio or television.

  • A trunk dripping blood, discovered at a railway station in Stockton in 1906, launches one of the most incredible murder cases in California history—still debated by crime historians.
  • The dismembered body of a young pregnant woman, found in the East River in 1913, is traced back to her killer and husband, who remains the only priest ever executed for homicide in the U.S.
  • In 1916, a successful dentist, recently married into a prestigious family, poisons his in-laws—first with deadly bacteria, then with arsenic—claiming the real murderer was an Egyptian incubus who took control of his body.

The book is slated for release fall 2017, and we’ll post the final title and other details once they’ve been set…